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  1. Charlie C

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for all your great videos and the time spent in making them. Had a question about the refit that was not covered yet: I think I recall you used a two-stage epoxy for the bottom of Sophisticated Lady, but what did you end up using above the water line? And did you refresh the cabin tops/fiberglass deck too? She’s really shining.

    PS: ever thought of doing a Captain’s Guide to the Caribbean, a kind of tips & tricks guide about which islands have the best services for whatever job one needs completed on a boat? For instance I’ve heard that Antigua does the best bright work, while Grenada is best for hurricane storage, while St. Martin is best for chandleries, etc., etc.

    Just wondering. I’d do the leg work if you wanted.

    Thanks again for your work.

    Charlie from Puerto Rico

  2. Darren Compagnon

    Hi Rick,I’am from Newfoundland,Canada and I caught on one of your vids that you were up here.So when and how long were you here?Your videos are friggen spot on.I ‘ve been down to a few of the islands on cruise ships but what your at is the dream.I want to learn how sail and your outfit seems the best way.How do I find out how much? Keep the vids going,love them.

    I need warmer salt water for my lambs rum.

    1. rick moore

      Hi Darren, and thanks for your comments! We still do some adventure charters depending on time of year and location.. can send me an email to for more info… but don’t forget to bring us some bottles of Screech! 😉


    Hi Rick! I am just a fan from Puerto Rico. Love all your videos. In particular the interview you made to Paul and his wife (Sherryl???), from Distant Shores. The Full Moon Party video, St. Marteen (hurracaine warning), etc. I appreciate the quality of your “product”. Great photographs, your funny comments, and the always brilliant-smart-curious spirit of Lucky!!!!! Looking forward for more of your excellent stuff. Keep going and thanks for let other people live their dreams through you! Blessings!!!!

  4. Brian Mccarroll

    Rick. I’m not a sailor. I stumbled upon your u tube videos by accident and love them. I have an African grey just like yours, she is a hoot. Please keep up the awesome work it really does help with the depressing winters. I would be very interested in touring the islands with u as I am sure a lot of people would. I will keep checking so I can book. I am also a avid drone flyer. Cheers.

  5. sotara

    hello rick this is absolutely amazing stuff. i am a welder in Florida who has built t tops and tuna towers, i currently am wanting to sail the Caribbean you are living a dream. i was wondering how i could become a crew member. i am very hard working very mechanical and seem to have plenty of time on my hands lately. i am available for long voyages and have no real ties or debt. thank you for all your videos such a beautiful boat such a beautiful dream

  6. Gustavo

    Hi Rick.. well as everybody says.. your’re living our dreams hehehe. I’m From Argentina so please forgive my poor english! My approach to sailing is through my windsurf board! I’m getting better with my windsurf board here at a local lagoon, but I discover inside myself this fever to sail. I think I’m a sailor man, I want to discover the world sailing seas! thanks for your videos, its help to calm a little my rush, sailing with you and your crew. I hope to have a chance once in my life to experience that you are living now. Right now I have a (very terrestrial ) wife and two young kids, but there will be a chance I know waiting for me, when my childrens are grown!

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