Taloula Mango Cafe

Phone: 721-520-5997

Website: www.taloulamango.com

Welcome to Taloula Mango’s Caribbean Cafe on the soon-to-be-famous Boardwalk, Great Bay Beach, St. Maarten.

Why do we call this “one delicious slice of paradise”?

Well, for starters, consider this: We’re right on Great Bay beach. After lunch or dinner, if the urge hits, dive in. No problem, mon. We serve up just about every conceivable libation, so no good thirst goes unpunished. (If we can’t quench it, it can’t be quenched.) Our menu has something for every taste – – sandwiches, seafood, beef, pasta, vegetarian entrees – – lots and lots for everybody.


Nick PavoneTaloula Mango Cafe

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