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  1. Gerald Hancocks

    I received my Splashdrone yesterday and it sure looks a super kit!! Those motors look awesome.
    Thanks a lot Rick. I sure look forward to seeing videos on setting the bird up and running.

  2. Steve Selmon

    Hi Rick
    Steve here from Mooloolaba,Australia.
    I love your work, I plan to visit the caribean in the coming year & you help to keep my dream alive>
    I filled in the section to receive your news letter but didn’t receive a return E-mail yet.
    I wish to purchase a splash drone in the near future but have a number of questions regarding charger voltage, Radio frequencey, back up service etc.

  3. Mike Lee

    Hi Rick, I’m a recent new fan. Can you please tell us what sot of ‘steady cam’ holder are you using for some of your video shots. It seems to work well and looks great.

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