Lucky – Our Parrot

Life with Lucky – Our African Grey Parrot sailing the Caribbean

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Hilarious new series with our amazing African Grey Parrot “LUCKY” as she shows a bit of her character while wandering around our sailboat “Sophisticated Lady’ in the Caribbean. “LUCKY” has lived onboard full time for almost 10 years and has developed quite an astute personality in addition to her overwhelming vocubulary of several hundred words, phrases, sentences, sounds, etc. In that amount of time she has also gained over 60,000 sea miles and has proven without a doubt that parrots can easily take to life on the sea. She has been extensively socialized and accompanies us ashore for many a happy hour… she is likely one of the most photographed African Grey parrots in the world, and loves the attention… until she’s had enough and tells me she’s ready to go home, Lol. You’ll see more of “LUCKY” in our upcoming adventures, so sit back and enjoy her antics… and in “LUCKY’s” own words… “Walk the Plank You BUM!” Lol Video Produced by ARL Logo Animation Produced by More Videos at caribbean, sailing, african grey parrot, st maarten, sxm, british virgin islands, bvi, tourism, travel, sailors, ambient real life


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  1. Troy Gardner

    Hey Mark,
    just found your videos on youtube, have to say they are really cool. unfortunately i have been land locked taking care of my business in tennessee the past 3 years. but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    i just purchased a beautiful 58ft Alden, (Explorer) and was planning to just head south to panama then back into the pacific where i just fell in love with the islands and people skippering a yacht that i did not own.
    Anyway… my refit of explorer should be finished in about a month or so and after watching your videos i am starting to think i should spend at least next winter in the caribbean.
    my reasoning for not sailing your part of the world is all the bareboat charters and weekend skippers who know nothing and clogging up the beautiful coastline. i may be wrong… its just that i spent two years skippering a yacht in turkey and greece and OOHH my god what a pain it was to deal with during the high season.

    it must be cool and not to crowded if you have spent ten years cruising around.

    i also wanted to ask you about Lucky, is it hard to check into another country with your bird?
    i only ask because i grew up with birds and thought it would be cool to have one on my yacht. But when i read about it on the cruisers forum it just sounds like a pain in the ass.
    or even worse… they might put the beautiful creature down.

    your thoughts on the subject would be awesome to hear, and who knows, maybe we might bump into one another on some island and share a beer or two.

    Cpt Troy

    1. Shona Riordan

      Just came across your wonderful videos. ..very cool! Lucky is hillarious! I have an amazon Parrot that loves to talk. I was do sorry to hear of Lucky’s passing ‘ very sad. What happened?

      1. Rich Gilbert


        We have seen you with Lucky several times at Leverick Bay. We have been on several bareboats, most recently a 50ft Voyage cat named Osprey. We love the BVI’s and all of the people we have met there.

        Capt. Rich

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