CORPORATE PARADISE – The True Cost of FREEDOM – Independent Film Trailer
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CORPORATE PARADISE – The True Cost of FREEDOM – An Independent Film Proposal by Captain Rick Moore

6-Billion people on the planet, and all looking for our own personal piece of paradise.

Can it even exist in this day and age?

We have a medical profession being governed by billion dollar drug companies.. epidemic proportions of depression and stress from those already feeling there is no way out.

Is this what we were meant to become? Could there possibly be a way out?

CORPORATE PARADISE will take a close look at the progression of our Human race over these past decades and try and examine whether we have really improved our quality of life or not. If quality of life were gauged by financial rewards, then maybe some of us have… but what if it were gauged by overall happiness of our unique and diverse selection of cultures around the globe… would we still be able to classify ourselves as successful, or is this where we fall down?

Let me know what you think of the idea and how best it might be to actually put the project together. Thanks in advance.

Captain Rick

TRAGIC SINKING of Classic Sailing Yacht “PPALU”, St Maarten / St Martin, [videogallery id=”palu”]

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In early 2013, a true Caribbean character, D Randy West, known fondly as the ‘Commodore’ of the Caribbean finally realized a 30 year old dream… to own what is now a classic sailing yacht which he helped launch in 1977. He and 200 other people all gathered to physically lift by hand the brand new 75′ sailing catamaran ‘Ppalu’ into the water from the beach where she was built in St Martin, Caribbean. She immediately became the fastest and most well known sailing yacht in the world, and also the biggest sailing catamaran at the time.

Able to achieve speeds in excess of 25knots, Ppalu’s pedigree was true from the start, and she turned heads everywhere she went and bore the covers of many a magazine.

Tragically she had been very much neglected in her life as a day-charter boat in the British Virgin Islands over the past 20+ years, and was in dire need of tender love and care when Randy assumed command. He initiated “Project Ppalu” and immediately set to work on rebuilding her piece by piece over the course of the entire year. All the efforts were rewarded when she was finally re-launched in December 2013 and he and Joanne started out on their voyage of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, 3 months into their sailing, tragedy struck and ‘Ppalu’ was holed on a reef in St Martin and promptly sank. The video outlines the subsequent salvage operation and shows clearly what is now needed to re-restore this classic sailing vessel and let her heritage live on for future generations to see.

Randy and Joanne have done what they can to preserve her, but have now exhausted their resources and won’t be able to complete this project on their own. They need our help, and this is a very worthy cause for very worthy people that are simply at the wrong end of a bad accident that has crippled their home. For any of us this would be a major undertaking on our own, physically and financially… but if all of us in the sailing community or otherwise can help out with just a little bit each, the legacy of ‘Ppalu’ can be restored and Randy & Joanne’s dream can carry on.

Your help with whatever is possible for you will be greatly appreciated, and if financial assistance is not possible, consider simply sharing this page with your friends so that somebody else may see that would like to help. Thanks in advance from all of us at “Project Ppalu”

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  1. Rick English

    I have to say these are two amazing people right here. I have never met them however I fell as tho they would be great friends. Randys story is so awesome. Such a lucky guy to have sailed all the tropics and has raced and been sponsored.. It must be such a beautiful sight to see all the beautiful places you see. You know I stumbled across all of this by accident by watching rc racing boat videos because I have a few racing boats and liked o watch.. I am a successful motorcycle shop owner of 28 years experience with any mechanical thing you can imagine if it runs and breaks I can and will fix it above it’s means to be better. I was kind of blessed in a way to be able to fix anything mechanical and electrical and even robotic it seems the more technical it is the better I do and respond to the repair of it. Weird huh? .lol.. You know I am in the process of spending upwards to 100k on a nice European sports car until I seen some of your videos and I sit here and think why. I am missing something I really am the tranquil life that you life could exceed any amount of money and cars basically materialistic things in general.. After all if you can become peace with yourself and enjoy the beauty that natural earth can give you then I feel as you need nothing because no matter what you get or have you will not enjoy it unless you discover that peace you need but often neglect.. I was born in jersey shore pa. and reside in fairhaven ma. a well known town for sailing and the fishing industry. I love the ocean there is something about the mystery and the oura that catches me and keeps me near considering all my family has moved back to pa. I stay here. I used to love to go for walks into the woods and get away and explore with nature and now I have done none and feel as tho I am slipping away into the industrial revolution and allowing it to take me away from who I am.. I watched some of your videos and it gets me thinkinh on something I would love to do. Sail away and go to St maarten or the Caribbean because at this rate I feel as tho I will someday die and never have the pleasure to live and find that inner love of the beauty mother nature has there.. I would love to buy a cat and sail and then it gets me on how would I afford to keep it away. Hell maybe go and sail and find a job from here n there to help at boat yards or any other mechanical or job that needs someone that is super smart and technical and can fix anything as it comes so naturally to me.. It really is a gift from God I don’t ever have to have even see it but can go to it and repair and make good again. I do thank God for this and allowing my mind to be able to have that expansion or do I thank myself for just loving it and learning it this I have not yet to figure out. I would love to get there someday and see what you all see but not from the same footsteps as the corporate tourist would see. I always loved boats and the ocean and the people you meet I have seen in your videos I love so much at peace with themselves truly amazing. I’m going to go however this will not be the last you hear from me.. Happy sailing you are truly blessed further than I think you may even realize.. Wish I was there
    Friend Rick English
    Full Throttle Performance Cycles
    Fairhaven Ma. 02719

  2. Diver Dave

    I remember Randy West from the mid 1980’s when I lived in the Caribbean. He has a marine store just across the street from Bobby’s Marina in St Maarten. Always quick to smile. Always. I remember that about him. What a perpetually cheerful guy!
    I remember Palau too. Last time I saw it was hauled out In a boat yard in Tortola. My yawl was hauled at the same time.

    Diver Dave

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