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Our Ambient Playlist contains videos designed to bring viewers the sights and sounds of where they’d like to be, but when they can’t be there in person!

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reisemaedelAmbient Scenes

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  1. michel fontaine

    Hi Rick
    I love your videos, i am studying how i will do a mod on my futur sailboat. I am studying for example ubiquiti systems. This is for getting a large window effect without having to cut out large windows into the hull. At the same time, my wife will stop complaining about opened shutters when she walks naked inside the boat. I guess it will kill many birds with one stone, don’t tell Lucky … , no need for sun blinds, night vision, zoom, recordings, all my NFL games and CFL if i can get them on my surround screens . Not very interested in the Habs lately … still playing hockey for another year untill we go south to the bahamas mostly.
    I like your “silent” videos, we get the real feeling, once i fell asleep listening and i woke up surprised by a bigger wave … the sound is great.
    We went to St-Martin many times, every time we go see those planes . If you go to barbados, i think they have the concorde plane , you should be able to see it.
    ABC islands are far , not that great . The floating bridge is interesting in Curacao.
    Be carefull in venezuela, near margarita, my wife got pirated with machine guns , the whole thing, they were lucky to come out alive. At that time i was in Switzerland and France playing hockey in a tournament. I will not go back there ever again. Too bad, Los Roques seem like a lost heaven for kitesurfing … Turks and Caicos and Bahamas will suffice .

  2. G.W. Courtney

    Dear Rick,

    For a year now, I have been building on a project dedicated to ocean environment. Notables are involved on my Board and operations will begin in Costa Rica, yet I am investigating other locations. In that investigation, we are querying various sailboats to ascertain their interest.

    This is necessarily brief and not meant to be cryptic. If you would like more information, please send me a note and I will quickly respond.

    Strength and honor,

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