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It’s not always about how the world looks to you… Sometimes it’s more about how you look at the worldRick Moore


General Pain in the ASS..

Rick is the entrepreneurial spirit that brought ARL to life, he has always been lead by his passion and the wind. Having always developed new businesses that closely pursued his favourite hobbies, this newest creation follows the trend of pleasures he finds in sharing his video creations with the world for all to enjoy.

With over 10 years in video, and 20 years sailing, we know you will truly appreciate the unique images from life that only an individual like Rick could deliver.

He lives full-time on board of “Sophisticated Lady”, a 50ft Jeanneau International Sailboat and sails the Caribbean in search of all these beautiful images that viewers appreciate.

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I’m often asked. People want to know who’s hiding behind the big sunglasses and a Slavic accent.

I was born 1984 in the South of Russia in the family of a Cossack came from.   Always had studied and worked in completely different spheres: history, tourism, club management, business coach, sales and public speaking, even the beautician and many others…  The great and lasting passions were travel, writing and sailing yachts.

After graduation and getting a skipper license for coastal navigation in the winter of 2016, I was sadly working as a Manager in the construction company’s office where all the boats in my area were hauled for winter storage.  But in March, as a gift for my Birthday, I received an offer from Captain Rick to become a member of his team aboard ’Sophisticated Lady’, so in April for the first time ever I was on a plane over the Atlantic to my new home in the Caribbean!




My son Brenden also travels and works with us as you know, and is helping tremendously with editing and creating content… his passion in school and college was video editing and 3D animation, and now he is bringing those skills into our family business aboard ‘Sophisticated Lady’!



Drill Sergeant
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Hi my name is Tiki, welcome to my world. I have been traveling throughout the Caribbean with Captain Rick for almost a year now. My contribution to ARL is to provide lively entertainment to all those that come aboard. And for all others you will find some cool videos about me on this page and on YouTube.

I am responsible for ensuring the ARL team is up early every morning, even on weekends!!! I can be cute when I want to, but I can also put you in your place if you are not careful! I am affectionate and provide the best bird kisses ever….Oh, one thing about me, I’ve been known to burst out a word or two which turns the human faces a shade of white followed by out bursts of laughter…phew! Crackers are my favorite, but I will pretty much eat anything…


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  1. keith stoddart

    Can you tell me if your quadcopter is suitable for professional aerial videography? Basically, I am looking to set up an aerial photo and videography business here in Scotland and whilst I have been looking at both the DJI Phantom and the Walkera models, they don’t seem to be waterproof. I am sure you can appreciate that it rains a lot in Scotland and to have a copter that can only operate when it is dry would mean my business wouldn’t even get off the ground (see what I did there?).
    I am looking to not only do surveys and stuff but also weddings and other outdoor occasions.
    So, I see it is waterproof and stuff but would it stand up to rigorous use in a professional environment?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

    1. rick moore

      Hi Keith, and yes it will hold up very well in professional environment, I use mine almost every day in such applications, just keep spare parts around in case of any problems so you can get airborne again in short time. All the new packages and pricing information is now available in the “STORE” section of this website. All packages are in stock except the ULTIMATE package which will start shipping in July
      Rick Moore

  2. Oscar RABEIRO

    Dear Sirs,

    I’m trying to buy intens attached, but I do not PaiPal account as I can do to pay this order.?

    My boat is in Sipson Marina Bay Lagoon in San Martin, could possibly send there.? If possible sending more information.

    Thank You,



    Mariner Drone – FPV versionMariner Drone – FPV version$1,699.00
    Item price: $1,699.00
    Quantity: 1
    4200mAH 14.8V 25C 4 Cell LiPo Batte…4200mAH 14.8V 25C 4 Cell LiPo Battery for Mariner$223.96
    Item price: $55.99
    Quantity: 4
    Mariner Drone’s New quick release g…Mariner Drone’s New quick release gimbal adapter for FPV Aerial Photography$29.99
    Item price: $29.99
    Quantity: 1
    Mini 5.8G 14dBi Flat Receiver Anten…Mini 5.8G 14dBi Flat Receiver Antenna High Gain Array Panel Antenna ATA­‐L$26.90
    Item price: $26.90
    Quantity: 1
    Shipping via Flat RateShipping via Flat Rate$140.00
    Item price: $140.00
    Quantity: 1

    Item total $2,119.85

    Total $2,119.85 USD

  3. max Arnel

    Hello my name is Max Arnel and I make videos for YouTube®. I have a request that you should consider. I would like to review Mariner drone .

    I will give it an honest review to the fullest extent. I will post a link in the video and in the description to your site. You can call all this cheap advertising.

    If you would like to talk about this in more detail please contact me at: (your-email.com)

    Best Regards,
    Max Arnel

    1. rick moore

      Hi Max, all the package and pricing information is now available in the “STORE” section of this website. All packages are in stock except the ULTIMATE package which will start shipping in July
      Rick Moore

  4. Karl Karlsson

    I am interested to buy one Quadcopter Mariner RTF.
    Do you have Free Shipping to Finland?????
    Or how much is the shipping fee????
    Best regards

    1. rick moore

      Hi Karl, we ship anywhere in the world at a set rate of US$120 for RTF package, and US$140 for PRO or ULTIMATE packages. all the package and pricing information is now available in the “STORE” section of this website. All packages are in stock except the ULTIMATE package which will start shipping in July
      Rick Moore

  5. John H. Vargo, A much bigger pain in the ass than you, age 79

    Rick, google me. my most recent patent pending involves an attachement for personal watercraft that fits in right with your waterproof drone.

    My idea is to encapsalute the mariner in the stern radar arch so that the drone can be taken to sites and with the controller mounted up front used as a on scene areil camera.

    Is there any way we can get a basic or whatever prototype of your marinar to use for promotion, if so then Lex Filipowski my vp will flip out when I mount the arch and enclouser on a jet ski for promotion. I can send you lots of stuff on this including photos

  6. Pat Byrne

    Been keeping up with all your great videos! Would like to improve the gimbal (fpv) and feed on the mariner that I’ve purchased. Do you have detailed instructions so I can perform these improvements?
    The YouTube on the transmitter looks as though I can follow that instruction. Is anything left out?

    What is needed on the gimbal?

    Great Work!
    Pat Byrne

    1. rick moore

      Hi Pat, I’m not sure I understand your question, but we now have the new waterproof gimbal available for purchase in the “STORE” section of the website. Have a look and let me know if any questions.
      Rick Moore

  7. Danny Jackson

    Hey Rick,

    You may remember me. I contacted you a few months ago regarding the Mariner and decided to go with a local distributor only a few miles from me. So I now have the Mariner but have not yet been able to get a suitable video from the GoPro.

    Here is a video of our first flight yesterday.


    We simply attached the GoPro directly to the bottom of the Mariner and got these terrible results. I am now told I might need some kind of cusioning device and maybe some kind of gimbal.

    I notice that your units seem to have some kind of cusioning but I don’t see a gimbal. I am used to the Phantom products which of course has all of this but cannot go in the water. Thus, the reason for my going with the Mariner. Water is my business.

    I am really impressed with the smoothness of your videos. And I am curious if you are able to monitor your video from a home base.

    Any info you can give me would be wonderful. I now invested in my Mariner more than twice the amount of two Phantom 2 Vision+ units and still cannot use it.

    Thanks so much !

    Danny Jackson
    Santa Ana, CA
    (714) 296-6661

    1. rick moore

      Hi Danny, yes I typically use a gimbal but then of course the GoPro is out of its housing for the video cable to hook up so is not waterproof. We now have a new waterproof gimbal available that I’m sure will be of interest to you and solve all the issues you describe, you can find it in the “STORE” section of the website.
      Rick Moore

  8. Kamau

    Greetings I just watched your video with Paul & Sheryl Shard. I heard you mention you have four heads on your boat, what kind of boat do you sail?

    1. rick moore

      the flight time varies depending on battery size and camera configuration, but anywhere from 8-18 minutes typically.. and yes we ship to Brazil no problem.
      Rick Moore

  9. Antonio Carlos Costa

    I am a oceanography student in UERJ BRAZIL, and liked very much to
    receive more vídeos and News of this site
    Antônio Carlos

  10. Shirley Holland

    I would like to talk to someone about an order that we would like to order from your company. The order is for the Mariner Drone RTF Version $850.00. I’m the bookkeeper for Fayetteville High School in Fayetteville, TN. We are having some problems in doing the order because we need to use a PO in order to place it. Could someone call me at 931-433-3158 and talk to me so we can get this order for our Engineering Class. Thank you for your help.

    Shirley Holland

  11. mike fazio


    I’m a big fan of your video series. Thanks!

    In your video you just released you asked about whether folks might be interested in what the cruising life is like and how one might go about it. I have been considering that very thing for the last year or so, perhaps as a retirement goal. I’ve had my eye on a 42′ Grand Banks and dreams of cruising the east and west coast as well as the carribean. I live in Chicago and I am done with cold weather. I am also feeling the need to lighten my load. Don’t really want the big house anymore and would love to jettison all the junk that has accumulated. I have also been watching the tiny house movement, but if I am going to live in a tiny house why wouldn’t I want waterfront property?!

    I’ve been reading what I can find on what the cruising life is really like. How folks who are doing it go about it. I would love to hear other folks stories of how they made it happen, what their lives are like, what does it really take to change to that lifestyle. I noticed you sail solo at times and I suspect that I will probably be embarking on my journey solo as well. I’m really trying to understand if I can handle a 42′ boat or if I would have to downsize. I want to go small but not too small but then again how much do I really need? What are the perils of solo cruising? How much does it really cost to cruise as a liveaboard? It’s pretty easy to cruise if you are quite wealthy, how would a middle class type of guy go about it? Lots of questions.

    To answer your question, yes, I would be interested in hearing stories of folks that are into cruising. Love all your video!


    1. rick moore

      Thanks Mike, appreciate your comment, and Yes I’ve started filming that series already but now have a mountain of corporate work for new sponsors to complete before I can embark on any new travel video editing projects… hopefully soon!

    2. Darren Loken


      We live aboard a 42′ GB, owned her for 12 years and live her. I have information that may be of use to you- first of all I think you could cruise long term, safer and much more cost effective in a sailboat of the same/ similar length (36-42).

      Reply with your email you’d like further info.


  12. Hans Brughuis

    Hi Rick, thanks for the videos, love to watch them, must say, you´re some lucky bastard:-)
    I´ll gues, you are living my dream, did´nt had so much luck in my businesslife untill now, but it is nice to see how it could be, it should be and hopefully some day will be :-)
    Wishing you all the best, always a foot of water underneath your keel, just wanted to say thank´s :-) keep the dream alive mate :-) best regards, Hans from Germany

  13. john nusca

    Greetings Rick. I have been following your adventures for a few months. I came across your work while researching my then new mariner drone. your adventures are amazing and I envy you.I live in the frozen north of canada and i use my mariner to capture some of my fishing moments both on water and on the ice. i recently watched your video about a waterproof gimbal and it looks like one fantastic tool for my arsenal. Do you have any idea when your gimbal might be made available? I would even be willing to purchase one with no guarantees and i would be happy to field test it for you as long as it lasts and at my cost. Not to worry. No corporate espionage here just a super interested in your technology fan. Thanks and all the best in your travels. J.

  14. Dave Wardeberg

    Hi Rick, I am looking into expanding into video for my business. I currently provide basic real estate photography and Interior Floor plans to realtors. I live in northern suburbs of Chicago, IL and have been amazed at how awful realtor websites and websites in general terms of marketing are around here so I’ve been toying with virtual video walkthroughs and commercials. I actually started with floor plans as a favor to a realtor buddy and witnessed a photographer shooting a house and got genius idea that I could do that. Since then I discovered you on YouTube and wake up each and everyday checking for new videos from you and Lucky, not sure if I am more impressed by what you do or more jelous of where you get to do it. Love the islands and buying time until I get to sail away in about 5-6 years. As of yet I haven’t had need for any drone pics or video but its certainly a service I would like to offer in the future. Anyhow, I am interested in a drone package and wanted your thoughts and recommendations on how to get started. Hope to hear from you soon.



    1. rick moore

      Hi Dave, and thanks for your note! all the package and pricing information is now available in the “STORE” section of this website. All packages are in stock except the ULTIMATE package which will start shipping in July. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at info@LandAndSeaVideo.com
      Rick Moore

  15. frank dubuc

    hi Rick,

    i’m in Carriacou for a few weeks to haul out, then returning to Tobago/TT for water action & training before heading on the south pacific!

    i’m looking for a waterproof drone to fly my gopro2 and take surf-windsurf shot.

    could be a used one as well, i’m on a budget!?
    maybe a Mariner?

    keep me posted

    1. rick moore

      Hi Frank, all the package and pricing information is now available in the “STORE” section of this website. All packages are in stock except the ULTIMATE package which will start shipping in July. Any further questions, can email at info@LandAndSeaVideo.com
      Rick Moore

  16. Willem Buitendyk

    Hi Rick,

    I’m trying to purchase some items on your store but it will not compute the shipping charges either for my address in BC or for my US address in Washington State. I believe I’ve bent the shaft on one of my motors for my Mariner and wanted to buy a couple of the 650KV’s. Do you have these in stock?


    1. rick moore

      I don’t have any in stock currently, but they would drop ship to you from the factory if you like. We have an issue with some of the shipping calculations on the website but working to resolve the problem.
      Rick Moore

  17. Stephen Arrant

    I’m looking to order the Ultimate version of the SplashDrone. I’ve seen for the last few months now that ‘June delivery for all splashdrones’. Is this still accurate or are the splashdrones still in the R&D stage? If it can be delivered at some point in June I will purchase right now, along with an extra battery or 2 and extra props if possible? Mahalo in advance for your time

    Capt Steve

    1. rick moore

      Hi Stephen, the Splash Drone PRO and RTF packages are now available, and the ULTIMATE package will start shipping in July. You can put your order in on the website and you will be notified as soon as it ships.
      Rick Moore

  18. Luke Bertoli

    Hi Rick,

    I want to shoot video from a charter boat and your drone looks like “the” dream machine. One thing I would like to know (and I realize you can’t get down to the knot), what is the upward realistic limit on wind speed your unit will fly in?

    Thanks, and please say Hi to Lucky for me!!


    1. rick moore

      Hi Luke

      I fly regularly in 20+ knots of wind, even 25+ and still get good usable footage. Gusty winds are always a challenge if you’re flying around rooftops of houses/buildings etc, but this drone has proven to me time and time again that it is all possible. I have plenty of videos on my channel flying around flags in high winds to illustrate if you need proof. Let me know if any other questions.


      1. Luke

        Thanks Rick!

        Your word is good enough for me. As soon as I get back down to the Keys and settled in, I’ll contact you for order advise as far as accessories and spares.

        Very best, Luke

  19. Patrick O'Neale

    Dear Rick,

    My wife and I have just come across your website and were captivated by your African Grey Parrot ‘Lucky’.

    By way of background we both lived in Tortola until August 2008 and still have good friends there Atilla and Rena Tekeli. At the time we had brought our family and African Grey ‘Oscar’ with us together with a Green winged Macaw ‘Daisy’ and our two boxer dogs. Roughly a year or so before leaving our lovely Grey ‘Oscar’ flew out of our house on MacNamara and was gone. After weeks and weeks of heartbreaking searching we assumed that we had lost him for good. We moved back to the Caymans and now London but have never forgotten that special bird.

    That is why seeing ‘Lucky’ on your site and on Youtube brings back floods of emotion. As a lot of what he does reminds us of ‘Oscar’ the sayings “Watch doin” the whistles, woohoo and a like……….I am extremely sorry this is out of the blue but I would be grateful if you could tell us more about Lucky?

    We had always hoped that someone had found Oscar and was able to provide him with a good loving home and care for him as he so deserved and still remain hopeful that this has happened.

    I look forward to hearing from you and am extremely grateful that you have a wonderful companion.

    Kind Regards
    Heidi and Patrick

    1. rick moore

      Hi Patrick, sorry to hear about Oscar, I know how attached you can get to these companions. I’ve had Lucky since she was 1 year old, got her directly from a breeder in Canada that was great at pairing birds and owners.. he did it professionally and had 20 breeding pairs and all with offspring, they all loved him and he could get any of them on his hand anytime. I had to go back several times while he ‘tested’ several birds with me and ultimately it was Lucky that chose me, lol. She’s been living aboard full time with me and traveling for over 60,000 miles and gets along with the lifestyle very well.. she’s never bored as the environment and background change all the time, and she has been very well socialized with having charter guests aboard for so many years, and also going to Happy Hours ashore with me and meeting new people all the time.. she likely is one of the most photographed Grey’s in the world! Anyway, hope all is well, take care!
      Rick Moore

  20. Mark

    Hi Rick

    It was your great videos that got me through my first couple of flights with my new Mariner down here in New Zealand. Now that I have a reasonable grasp of handling it can you tell me where I can get a GoPro mount to attach to the four screw holes on the underside- I can’t for the life of me see any for sale anywhere. I can’t swing for the gimbal just yet but desperate to get a few photos so just want a static mount until I am at a stage I can get a waterproof gimbal.


    1. rick moore

      You don’t need any special mounts just to attach your GoPro, you can use one of the adhesive pad mounts directly to the bottom of the drone. If you want a vibration damping mount, that is something you would mount to the 4 holes, then stick your GoPro mount to that and it will make your captured video much smoother

  21. Ondrej


    I would like to buy a fully equiped drone for capturing on the sea.
    Which one would you recomend to me?
    Could you send to me the list of all options and parts?
    Which is the shipping cost to Slovakia and your delivery time there?

    Kind regards


        1. rick moore

          Hi Ondrej

          Yes, the waterproof gimbal is included in the AUTO package. I would suggest at least one extra battery (they have high-capacity 4500mAh battery for $69 now), one extra set of propellors as spares, and possibly one set of landing gear in case of any hard landings. I can send you an invoice on your approval of exact accessories desired, and delivery should take 5-6 business days max once order is sent to shipping.
          Rick Moore

  22. Ondrej

    Dear Rick
    Thank you for your reply and information.
    Please send to an invoice for the AUTO version with recomenden spare parts.
    Please addres the invoice to the following company with the down listed company data:

    Company name: MOBSTECH spol. s r.o.
    Company address: P.O. Hviezdoslava 611/3, 934 01 Levice, Slovakia (EU)
    Company ID: ICO 47 736 232
    Company VAT: IC DPH SK2024067166

    Please include in the price also the costs for shipment.
    Das BVI belongs to the EU?
    Can you invoise to EU without VAT?
    If not please list the VAT on the invoice.

    If you have any questions please dont hasitate to ask.

    Please send the invoice and questions to:


    Kind regards


  23. lorenzo

    Hello Rick,

    Im really interesting about the splash drone, but in France is quiet difficult to use with camera, because the new country regulations asking for counterpart from manufacturer and approval by DGAC (Direction Generale de l Aviation Civile).. Do you have any idea how to resolve it ?


  24. Colin Pearson

    Hi Rick and Lucky. We are just in mid stages of planning a 4+ year sabbatical and have really enjoyed the video content and of course the real star (hey thats you lucky!)

    Anyway, one of my biggest thoughts at present is the rib tender. I see yours is a centre console with a 60HP out board. What make is yours please, is it GRP or aluminium bottom and any other things you would recommend?

    Thanks for all your effort on the content.

    1. rick moore

      Mine is a Nautica 13.5 but the company is no longer in business. A good center console for down here is the AB and they have a nice 12ft version that I will likely switch to in near future because the Nautica is way too heavy to lift on the boat and slows the boat down considerably when towing it everywhere. I would stick with fiberglass bottom, it is a bit heavier, but when/if it needs repair in a remote location, it is way easier to repair fiberglass than try and find someone that can weld aluminum.

  25. J Rust

    I don’t see an Ultimate package listed in the store. Is it available? How is it different than Auto package? Can auto package be used with iOs (iphone/ipad) nad Mac computer? Thanks

  26. Donna B.

    Hi Rick,
    Been following you and your adventures with “Lucky” since you started posting on YouTube. So sorry to learn that she had passed. . .words cannot describe how I felt watching your Sad News video today. I had to stop it twice as the tears just flowed not only for “Lucky” but for you.. I have an 18 yr old African Grey so I can only imagine how large that hole in your heart is right now. Rick, you gave “Lucky” such a wonderful life, the two of you shared such an incredible journey and I firmly believe that the bond is NOT broken now that she is gone. She is still with you, listen closely in the stillness and you will feel her spirit. We all miss her dearly. She was one in a million. xo

  27. Andrey Alexeenko

    Hi Rick,

    I’d like to purchase SwellPro Advanced AUTO package. When getting through the order, what frequency should I select for Australia ?

  28. Alan Sturm

    Rick, I’m wondering if your current offering of Splash Drone AUTO is the “Mariner 2” mentioned, and if they have improved the GPS feature since you made the crash video a year back. I have seen comments on other boards about the Splash Drone and GPS issues. Also wondering about your “long range FPV gear” mentioned. Was the stock gear not good enough? Also, what is the current battery included with the AUTO?

  29. Erik Barentsen

    Hi Neighbour,

    Greeting for the Chianti at Portsmouth bay at Dominica. Enjoying Lucky’s happy singing. Greetings from the Chiati crew


    Hey captain! Glad I found last night new episodes of Sophisticated Lady. I wrote to you once. I am from Puerto Rico and I am a fan of your series. I found myself very sad last night when I saw the video about Lucky passing. I am so sorry about it!!!! She will be missed very much!
    DEPORTED. What an adventure! Man….you have access to my personal email (I don’t access this site to often) so, as I told before, anytime you visit San Juan o any other city of Puerto Rico, feel free to contact me. I also follow you on Linkedin. I will be more than glad to buy you a beer or have a couple of shots with you, and enjoy a chat about your Caribbean experiences. By the way, great quality on your videos! Congrats! Can’t hardly wait for more. Luis

  31. Ron

    I have questions regarding flying a drone in St. Marten. I would like to fly my DJI in St. Marten for hobby purposes and was curious about the regulations (if there are any).
    It appears you flew very close to the airport. Are the St. Marten regulations for drones similar to the US FAA or do they even exist yet?
    Any help or comments appreciated.
    By the way, I loved your drone videos, Simpson Bay commentaries and test flights and the Phillipsburg flights and documentary as well.

  32. Dr. Sven Jakubith


    what camera do you use for aerial videos? Is there any postprocessing (de-shaker, color, etc).
    The quality is amazing and the videos extremely smooth.
    Which editing suite could you recommend (either Win or Mac).

    Best regards, Sven

  33. Julie Rideout

    Hi Rick,

    Don’t know if you remember us. You helped us when we bought a sailboat in Ontario on Lake Simcoe – Careless Whisper – with Peter and Carolyn. You put a Y valve on the boat (30′ CS). We’ve been watching your videos for the last few years and yearning for the hot weather! Newfoundland, as you know, doesn’t get much summer. Sorry to hear about Lucky. We first met Lucky at a campground in Florida and that inspired us to get our own African grey, Monty. Unfortunately, Monty and Edward did not get along and he now lives with our niece :) He’s still part of the family and we visit him often. It seems Tiki is fitting in just fine. Maybe we’ll get down your way in future; would love to connect.

    Julie and Edward Rideout

  34. Mark Messerli


    I have been an avid ARL follower for 6-7 years now and have enjoyed the many video series you have done on YouTube. Recently it was exciting to follow your daily updates as you dodged hurricane Mathew.

    I have chartered throughout the Caribbean over the past 20 years and will be chartering in St Martin in March of 2017 on a Lagoon 44. I recently bought a DJI Mavic drone and want to know what the rules or restrictions might be there. I see that you have flown your drone around the islands beaches and lagoon areas. If you could give me the some pointers that would be great. Does the Dutch side have any different rules than the French side? We will also be heading to St Barts, Anguilla and Prickly Pear as you did recently.

    I live in the Midwest so we are looking forward to our trip to the island as the cool weather sets in here. Your videos have got me through some long colds winters so thanks you for your awesome site.

    I started a YouTube site a few years ago and have some sailing videos out there. https://www.youtube.com/user/MarkMesserli
    The videos are pretty amateur at this point but I hope to get better.

    I also have a blog about Marine Apps for mobile devices which I have done for about 7 years.

    I have been working the past 33 years in the energy industry and hope to be out cruising soon aboard our boat. My brother and I have been refitting a 1980s Pan Oceanic 46. See all the work here.

    Look forward to hearing from you! Maybe we will run into you in St Martin in March!

    Sail On ~~~/)~~~

  35. CalgaryMark

    Rick, I am one of the subscribers to your YouTube channel. I subscribed when I thought sometime in the not too distant future (at age 74+) I might buy a boat to live aboard and cruise south in the Canadian winter then stay in the Salish Sea to meet Canadian residency requirements in the northern summer. Then I had a heart attack and a month later a stroke (from both of which I am recovering well) so the cruising plan has been shelved. Those events were partially caused by biting off more than I could chew, and I have had to re-evaluate my activities and follow what my spiritual advisor said – spend more time ‘being’ and less time ‘doing’. So take from that what you will… I intend to become a ‘patreon’ and I encourage you to make (possibly fewer) higher quality videos and put them on Vimeo, a much more satisfactory platform than Google [no Tylenol advertisements! ;-)].

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